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  • Introducing the FUSO FA

    Fuso FA Introduction

    The FUSO FA9-137 is designed for maximum profitability. While the truck’s increased carrying capacity generates greater profits for your business, its lowered total cost of ownership also increases your margins.

    There’s also the advantage of reduced driver fatigue that comes with a safer, more comfortable cab.

    The FA9-137 comes in two models: the Freight Carrier and the Tipper. A six-speed transmission, common-rail electronic engine and robust chassis are standard across both models.


  • Cab

    A number of helpful features factor into making the FUSO FA an unusually comfortable drive, which is an important contributor to avoiding driver fatigue.

    The tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel can be set at just the right distance and height, and the fully adjustable seat caters to an individual’s ideal driving posture.

    Aerodynamic styling isn’t just more fuel efficient; it helps to reduce wind noise, which keeps the cab quieter for improved concentration.

    An LED in the centre of the intelligent instrument cluster makes key information available at a glance, and a buzzer sounds if the engine overheats.

    Smoother gear-shifting means more efficient driving, and there’s also a trip mileage indicator for peace of mind.

  • Gearshift

    Both FUSO FA models are equipped with six-speed transmission, designed for smoother operation and ultimately resulting in improved turnaround times and reduced driver fatigue for safer trips.

  • Chassis

    Full-depth long members increase stiffness for improved stability, while shot peening and powder coating enhance surface strength and corrosion resistance.

  • Drivetrain

    The fuel-efficient, common rail, direct injection engine with four valves per cylinder is designed to deliver ample power and torque while lowering operating costs.

  • Safety

    The all-steel, crash safety cab and rigid, heavy-duty frame protect the driver and passengers in case of accident. The side impact bars built into the doors add extra protection.

    An exhaust brake is standard on FUSO FAs. The air brakes’ wider, thicker brake linings ensure quicker, smoother stops. They also require less frequent maintenance.

    Built at the same state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where our service personnel are trained, the FUSO FA is rigorously inspected at every step of the manufacturing process.

  • Standard

    Prematic brakes and ABS, self-adjusting brakes, non-asbestos brake linings, reverse warning buzzer, tachometer, spin-on type fuel filter, spin-on type engine oil filter, seatbelts, cigarette lighter, heater and defroster, standard tool set, hydraulic jack, air conditioner.


  • FA models: FA9-137 TIP FA9-137 FC
    Torque delivery 4×2 4×2
  • FA models: FA9-137 TIP FA9-137 FC
    Overall length 6 985 8 195
    Overall width 2 205 2 205
    Overall height 2 420 2 420
    Front overhang 1 275 1 275
    Rear overhang 1 950 2 120
    Wheelbase 3 760 4 800
    Bumper to back of cab 1 800 1 800
    Back of cab to rear axle or centre of unit 3 235 4 275
    Turning radius 6 900 8 500
  • FA models: FA9-137 TIP FA9-137 FC
    Manufacturer’s gross vehicle mass 9 600 9 600
    Manufacturer’s gross combination mass 9 600 9 600
    Manufacturer’s front axle mass 3 510 3 510
    Manufacturer’s rear axle mass 6 520 6 520
    Permissible maximum vehicle mass 9 600 9 600
    Permissible maximum front axle mass 3 510 3 510
    Permissible maximum rear axle mass 6 520 6 520
    Unladen front axle mass 1 990 2 070
    Unladen rear axle mass 1 265 1 240
    Unladen total mass 3 255 3 310
    Permissible maximum drawing vehicle mass 9 600 9 600
  • FA models: FA9-137 TIP FA9-137 FC
    Make FUSO FUSO
    Model 4D37-100 4D37-100
    Type: 4-stroke/4-cycle engine, turbo charged with intercooler Yes Yes
    Configuration 4 in-line 4 in-line
    Capacity (cc) 3 907 3 907
    Output (kW @ rpm) 100@2500 100@2500
    Torque(Nm @ rpm) 420@1500 420@1500
  • FA models: FA9-137 TIP FA9-137 FC
    Maximum speed (km/h) 100 100
  • FA models: FA9-137 TIP FA9-137 FC
    Make FUSO FUSO
    Model MO36S6 MO36S6
    Number of gears forward 6 6
    High and low ratios 5.400–0.711 5.400–0.711
    Type Synchromesh Synchromesh
  • FA models: FA9-137 TIP FA9-137 FC
    Make FUSO FUSO
    Model AA-7.14 AA-7.14
    Ratio 5.13 5.13
  • FA models: FA9-137 TIP FA9-137 FC
    Front 235/75R17.5 235/75R17.5
    Rear 235/75R17.5 235/75R17.5
  • FA models: FA9-137 TIP FA9-137 FC
    Litres 160 160

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